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Political debate on this forum
« on: October 11, 2012, 10:35:56 am »
Just to clarify, anyone is free to post on the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum about any political issues, whether they are local, national or international. And, of course, many do. However this site remains apolitical and adopts the following policy "The Brookmans Park Newsletter discussion forum is politically independent and offers open debate for the benefit of the whole community." The site's guidelines state.

This site's forum exists to enable local residents to discuss local issues. By the very nature of local debate, political and religious points of view will often be part of those discussions.

So please feel free to discuss political issues. Diverse perspectives are welcome, subject to the site's guidelines on race, taste and decency, language, stereotyping and defamation.

The Brookmans Park Newsletter has been supporting the village and our local community since 1998 by providing free, interactive tools for all to use.