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Adding pdf documents to posts

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You can now add pdf documents to your posts so that they are embedded in the page.

To do this you need a web address (URL).  If the pdf is not online you will need to upload it to a server and then copy the link.

Then put the web link in your post and click on the pdf function in the menu above the page where you compose your post.  It looks like this.

It will produce the following code.

--- Code: ---[pdf] put your link here [/pdf]
--- End code ---

Simply put the link between those sets of brackets and save.

Job done.

A reminder (above) about how to embed pdfs in your posts.

A reminder. You can embed pdfs (for which you have a link) in your posts. It's easy to do and better than offering a link - (which gets clicked less than an embed gets viewed).  Just put the link in your post, highlight it and click the pdf icon above the message field, save, and you are done. Easy.



Hi all,

Since the last forum upgrade the pdf embedding tag is no longer working. We are waiting for a modification to the code. In the meantime, if you want to embed a pdf in a post you just need to convert it to a jpg and then attach it to your post using the 'Attachments and other options' link.

We'll let you know when a new pdf attachment modification is released.



You can now embed any pdf that is online in your posts. Simple copy the url, paste it in your post, highlight it and then click on the pdf code button from the message composition toolbar. It looks like this.


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