Author Topic: Seasonal Crime Prevention and Shed Safety leaflet  (Read 1875 times)

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Seasonal Crime Prevention and Shed Safety leaflet
« on: March 23, 2012, 08:59:38 pm »
Dear Watch Member,

As the warmer weather arrives, the opportunities for thieves can increase with open windows, insecure sheds and gardening tools left out - but there are some simple ways you can help keep your home secure:

At home

    Lock all doors before you go out and when you go to bed, and ensure all windows are secure before leaving your home.
    If you have any UPVC doors, make sure you lift the handle AND use the key to lock it properly.
    Register your possessions on free online property database - it can help police return them to you if they are lost or stolen.

In the garden

    Keep your shed securely locked by using a strong padlock as the bare minimum, and remember to lock your garden gate.
    Keep hedges and shrubs in your front garden below windowsill height to prevent a burglar having a 'screen' to work behind.
    ALWAYS put away any gardening equipment and tools when you've finished with them - a shovel could be just what a burglar needs to break in.

In the car

    Don't leave any valuables in your car - even if you know the bag on the front seat is empty, a thief may still try their luck, leaving you with a broken window to deal with.
    Remove your sat. nav. and its holder from the car - don't leave it in the glove box as that's the first place a thief will look - and make sure you wipe away any suction marks.
    It may sound obvious, but remember to shut your windows and sunroof when you leave your car.[/li][/list]

Download the new Shed Safety pdf by clicking

If you experience problems downloading or viewing a file please visit the help page on the OWL website

Sent on behalf of Inspector Paul Doran.  Enquiries to paul.doran [at]

   Phone 101 to speak to your local Crime Prevention Officer.

If you need to reply by email click on my address here: david.aylett [at]

David Aylett
Police Project Officer
Neighbourhood Watch
Email: david.aylett [at]