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These tips have been included in a number of messages, I thought it worth pulling them all together.

Adding your skills to your profile
A reminder that you can now add your skills/expertise to your forum profile.  It can be serious, light-hearted, or a mix of the two. I see quite a few have already done this. Of course you can still opt to have an anonymous and private profile, but some might want to share their skills so that they can 1) be contacted for free advice to help another member of the forum or 2) be contacted for possible work.

How to do it
The process for adding your skills/expertise is easy. Just log in to the forum, click on your profile, click on forum profile, add your expertise (there are five options) and save. All done.

Personal text message
While you are editing your profile you can also add a personal text message which appears under your profile picture (avatar). The message can be a slogan, quote or anything. 

Signature & other info
You can add a signature which appears at the bottom of every post you make. This could be about you or your business - anything you like. Tip: You can even add an image to your signature.  Just put this code in
Code: [Select]
[img]link to your image goes here[/img]. Note that between the image tags you need to put the URL (web link) to your image or business banner and click save. You will then have a banner in your signature.

If you want the banner to click through to your own site, or a page, just add this code
Code: [Select]
[url=][img]link to your image goes here[/img][/url], click 'change profile' and you are done.

Now, every time you make a post your banner clicking through to your community group, business, or whatever, will appear at the foot of the message for all to see.

Your website
If you have a website you can add the name and a link. This will show up on your profile as a globe. When people hover their mouse over it they will see the name of the site and when they click it they will be taken to the site. 

Where are you?
You can add a country flag to your profile. This could represent where your are posting from or where you live. It's up to you. 

Getting in touch
You can add links to any personal message systems you are happy to be contacted through and, soon, we hope to be able to let you add links to your Twitter and Facebook pages.

So, once more, a reminder about how to enhance your profile.

  • Log in
  • Click on Profile
  • Click on Forum Profile (from the drop down list under 'Profile'
  • Make any of the changes listed above
  • Save
  • Done

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