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Some of the features this site has to offer
« on: January 02, 2012, 03:32:01 pm »
The following has been added as an introduction to new users and a reminder to regulars about what this site has to offer.  All the features listed below are free of charge.

1: Discussion Forum
Our discussion forum, is for breaking news stories and for discussing local and off topic issues. Registration is free of charge.

2: Business Directory
If you have a local business you can add your company details to our business directory. A featured business appears at the top left of the site's front page every time the site is visited or the page is refreshed.

3: Community calendar
The site's calendar is linked to the forum and is one of our non-commercial services. You can add events and start a discussion about them, too. You need to register to use it.

4: Classified adverts
Our classified ads is another non-commercial service where you can sell unwanted goods or pick up a bargain. There is also a section for help needed and help offered. The three latest adverts appear on the front page of the site.

5: Advertising banners
We offer free promotional banners which display towards the top of the front page. These are for non-commercial local community concerns only. More details are contained in a forum thread.

6: Social media
For those who would rather discuss local issues on Facebook, we have a Facebook page and you are welcome to post on our wall.  We are also on Twitter. Follow us @bpnewsletter.

7: Local history and environment
We have more than 20 local history books in our history section; most of them out of print and no longer available. There are dozens of pages about the local environment covering flora, fungi and butterflies.

8: Local studies
For local school students doing their local studies we have put all the information that you may find useful in our library section. Check it out for things that regularly crop up when school students do their field studies in the village.

9: North Mymms Parish Plan
The North Mymms Parish Plan is published on this site. It's described as a vision for the future of the parish and follows lengthy consultations with the local community.

10: Local walks
And we have our local walks section with a growing collection of rambles in the local countryside based on country pubs.

11: Picture galleries
We have two picture galleries. The original gallery which is now archived and no longer updated, and our new gallery where forum members can upload photo collections.

Hope you enjoy using the site and please feel free to suggest any more additions that you think would be useful.

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