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Missing Posts and Server Downtime
« on: December 01, 2011, 07:31:29 am »
Dear All

You may notice that some of the forum posts have disappeared. Unfortunately, the server that is kept on died yesterday evening. Positive restored our site from a backup but any posts made between 3am on Wed 30th Nov and this morning will have been wiped. We have a summary of the posts which have gone from a RSS which I have listed below if anyone wants to retype them in the forum. Unfortunately we don't have a record of which forum user wrote them.

Lastly huge thanks to Luke at Positive for his hard work in getting the site up and running again so quickly after such a major problem.




'Its not that far...... i dont think a coffee shop like you just describe would work as the bakery already do most of that and they might protest but i do a agree an italian would be nice...'

'Would be a good idea to have an Internet Cafe or somewhere that the kids could go after school - a place selling Cupcakes'

'You are right, it's not that far. I often walk it. Takes about 20 mins. But we are discussing shops in the village. And to save any confusion, because this site covers Welham Green, too, I have changed the title to shops'

'Cupcakes would be nice & something I've thought about too but for me personally, as Liquorice says, the bakery already does breakfasts & lunches - paninis, rolls etc - so I would be looking for somewhere nice & cosy where we could go (& sometimes take the kids) for dinner that cooked simple pasta, pizza & salad with a simple but nice wine list that didn't break the bank.'


''At yesterday's HCC meeting, Chris Hayward, on behalf of HCC, received a 15,000-strong petition from the Central Resources Library music collection users. He revealed that they had only received some 236 responses to their feedback process (a rather flawed one, I believe, as it only consulted library users in libraries during a very brief period - and I'm not sure of the dates but I think it was during a quiet period at that). While he stressed it was a central herts resource that could go an'

'Reading this I don't think I've seen many petitions this size. But it was only on the music section? What about the library's other resources?'


'As has been reported at yesterday's HCC meeting, Malcolm Cowan - LibDem, tabled a second proposal, supported by the Labour group, to remove New Barnfield from the list of sites on the basis that it was next to a special needs school.

Actions of WH reps at HCC

Sara Johnston - Conservative, Haldens         
[Did NOT attend]

Malcolm Cowan - Liberal Democrat,   Handside and Peartree   
[Voted and spoke FOR excluding New Barnfield]

Clare Berry - Conservative, Hatfield North
[Voted and spoke AGAINST e'


'December is upon us and many people are busy buying Christmas presents for their loved ones. Traditionally this time of year sees an increase in the number of burglaries in the county. If you follow these easy steps,  this may help reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

Keep all windows and doors securely locked
Leave a light on if you are going to be back after dark. Put lamps on timer switches if you have them
If possible, ask a neighbour to close your curtains for you and turn the light'
James Bentall, Brookmans Park, Herts.
I post in a personal capacity and not on behalf of North Mymms Parish Council

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Re: Missing Posts and Server Downtime
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2011, 08:33:52 am »
Thanks James and Luke.
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