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Copyright, Creative Commons and embedding
« on: November 17, 2014, 06:56:39 pm »
The Brookmans Park Newsletter takes copyrightWiki seriously. We will never steal another site's content. If we use material that is created by someone else we will have first checked with those concerned and reached an agreement.

A lot of the material on The Brookmans Park Newsletter, such as that appearing on the local history and the environment pages, was uploaded with the permission of local authors or local groups. That material retains the copyright of the authors or those groups, and so it can't be used elsewhere without their permission.

Material created by the Brookmans Park Newsletter is available to anyone to use under the Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 Licence. This states that the material can be used by absolutely anyone as long as it is for non-commercial purposes and as long as attribution to us, the author of the material, is given; our 52 local country walks fall into this category, including all the text, images and maps.

Recently we put a real-time feed of local train times on the front page of the site. The feed was created by Matthew Somerville who kindly tweaked his code especially for us. Matthew didn't charge us for this. Instead he asks anyone who values his work to make a donation to a charity he is supporting called Railway Children. You can donate here if you find his updates useful. We made a donation using income from the Google adverts running on the site. The link below is an embed to the Railway Children site (just so those who are unfamiliar with the term embedding know what I am on about).

Fighting for Street Children
Recently we included images of an excellent piece of local history research carried out by the Welham Green website, It was about the 59 men from North Mymms who fought in WW1 but failed to return home. Before we used the material we checked with the Welham Green site to ensure they were happy. The person who created the material was delighted to co-operate, and The Brookmans Park Newsletter created 59 images of the research which were in turn used on the Welham Green site to help more people appreciate the work.

At other times we will embed assets such as tweets and links. These will often contain text and images created by others. According to the European Court of Justice, embedding is not copyright infringement. The courtís verdict on this is that:

"The embedding in a website of a protected work which is publicly accessible on another website by means of a link using the framing technology Ö does not by itself constitute communication to the public within the meaning of [the EU Copyright directive] to the extent that the relevant work is neither communicated to a new public nor by using a specific technical means different from that used for the original communication."

At times we will take a screen grab (sometimes referred to as a screen shot) of a site to include in a forum post or a tweet if we think it can help people understand an issue better. In all cases we name the site we have taken the grab from and provide a link to that site. We also write to the site asking for their retrospective permission and promising to remove the grab if they are happy. To date nobody has ever asked to have the screen grab removed ,and some have replied thanking us for asking, for the mention and for the link to their site.

If you see anything on the Brookmans Park Newsletter that you feel might amount to a copyright infringement, please use the site's contact us form to let us know and we will investigate.


The Brookmans Park Newsletter has been supporting the village and our local community since 1998 by providing free, interactive tools for all to use.