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Free promotional banners for local non-profit community groups

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Hi all,

We are thinking of introducing banners on the front page of this site to promote local, non-commercial, non-profit making community ventures. The idea is that a banner would be displayed under the list of latest forum posts on the front page. They would appear randomly every time someone visited the site or refreshed the page. It will be a free service to help promote local community groups. If you run a community group and think it would qualify to be included, please either mention it here or send me a personal message via the forum.  You would have to provide the banner, which would have to be 468 pixels wide and around 60 pixels high.


I have added a banner to the front of the site to indicate the space we are planning to set aside to help promote local, non-profit making, community sites. The service will be free of charge. If interested, please take a look at the front page to see where the banners will appear (just below the list of latest forum topics).  Anyone taking part will have to create their own banners and supply a link to their website or a forum post. They need to be what's called a full banner which is 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels deep.  Please see attached.


You may have noticed that I have moved the free, community, non-profit ads up towards the top of the site's home page. We have about half a dozen banners rotating randomly. If you run a local community project and want to take advantage of promoting your organisation on the front page, please either send me a personal message via the system or use the contact us form.  Please remember to add your email address or other contact details.


I have added a few more local community activity banners to the front page of the site linking through to the Gobions Woodland page, our collection of local walks and the North Mymms Parish Plan.  If you want your local, community non-profit activity promoted please let us know. There are now seven appearing randomly on the front page and changing every time the page is revisited or refreshed. It's a good way of getting your community group noticed.

You can have a free banner on this site
Just a reminder that local, non-commercial community groups can apply to have a free advertising banner on this site. If you run such a concern, and if you would like to let more people to know about your activities, please let us know by using the site's contact form.

How it works
We have a slot towards the top of the site's front page which changes each time the site is visited or the page refreshed to display one of a collection of adverts stored on the site.

Currently listed
The community groups that have taken advantage of this so far are:

* North Mymms Youth Project
* Brookmans Park Rotary
* Potters Bar Theatre CompanyInformation banners
I have added a few information banners to help people find useful content on the site including:

* North Mymms Parish Plan
* Local walks
* Gobions Woodland
* Banner advertising the bannersDavid


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