Author Topic: Brookmans Park Village Day & World Record Attempt  (Read 16082 times)

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Re: Brookmans Park Village Day & World Record Attempt
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Hi Peppermint, Village Day is organised by the school PTA & the money raised from Village day goes to the school. In the past the PTA has been able to buy wonderful things for the children such as a wildlife garden & pond, pirate ship, play equipment & gazebos/outside classrooms, as well as renovating the library to make it more appealing to the children. Now however, with recent Government cutbacks, we are prioritising the spending on necessities such as updating the IT equipment in the classrooms.

Obviously Village Day is also a great opportunity for local charities & fundraising organisations to raise money & awareness for themselves by running a stall or activity on the day, & throughtout the year the PTA organises other fundraisers which raise money for charities. The next one will be the Fun Run on Sunday 2nd Oct whereby some of the money raised by the children in sponsorship will go to a charity of their choice (this will be decided by the pupils on the School Committee at the start of the term).