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Another traveller site in Welham Green
« on: February 21, 2011, 10:23:56 pm »
Why does Welham Green have another Traveller site?  For those that aren't aware, it is situated next to Welham Green Train Station.  Is there anything that can be done??  How can such small villages cope with 2 traveller sites? 

During the local elections, Mr Shapps or Keith Pieri mentioned that there was talk of the traveller site on Bulls Lane which seems to have 1 or 2 permanent caravans situated on it, but there was no mention of this one right next to the station, where there are at least 8 caravans!!  I mean talk about it not being hidden away, its the 1st thing people see when they disembark at Welham Green.  What can be done about it???!!!
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Re: Another traveller site in Welham Green
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2011, 11:47:11 am »
Welcome to the Forum, DD.

This topic has been extensively discussed on two other Forum topics on this website, being 'Local traveller and gypsy sites' (16 pages) and 'Bulls Lane stables'


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Re: Another traveller site in Welham Green
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2011, 11:50:04 pm »

I find myself back in blighty after a good tour of the old country on behalf of queen and cameron to find that not a lot has changed for the better. To say I am a little bit annoyed and dissatisfied with the situation would be considered grossly wide of the mark to the extent that I should be expecting to receive a call up to represent Malta for the 2012 olympic archery team any time soon.

Sir, I speak of the illegal use and abhorrent liberties some people take when colonising land that has been given the right, privilege and special dispensation not to be colonised (green belt). Not only has this abuse been managed incorrectly, despite many moons waxing and waning, its seems to be positively thriving.

You couldn't imagine the despair and disappointment I felt when humping my kit off the rattler, looking forward to embracing the family unit after an extended period apart, to be met with the brilliance and awe of huge white mobile behemoths doing their darndest to hide behind the leafless bushes guarding the station, and failing miserably (discrete is not a word I can use in this sentence).

I affectionately remember having a posting debate on this forum with a few socialist tree hugging types about the unlikely addition of more travelling folk in the area and that the foxes lane site wouldn't see activity of this nature as they had good knowledge on the matter. seems that whilst the do-rights were busy collecting their nuts for winter, the aforementioned must have tiptoed in and set up anyway and going by the sturdy fencing and herbaceous border arrangements, they appear to want to stay.

Maybe we as the so called empowered 'Big Society' should do a Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain or Libya and remind some of those thieving, power-hungry, feckless politicians and local government civil servants who their masters are and instruct the remaining few decent sorts (although I can't name any off the top of my head), to bare their gernashers and get to work sorting out this and other ridiculous imbalances in the law once and for all.

But unfortunately indifference like charity starts at home in this country. What does it take for people to give a damn anymore?
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