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Strange call from Windows service centre

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I just got a really odd call from a guy who claimed to be Windows Service centre person with a warning about viruses in my area?.  He wanted me to enter into my browser.  Despite his very strange accent he assured my he was in Victoria London.  When I questioned him again he gave me this phone no. which is an international help centre 442030263983.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Am I being over cautious/paranoid.



Virus in your area? what does that mean? The caller is as amateur as the scam it is trying to create.

this is likley to be a scam where you go to that site and it will install a keylogger to your pc or will ask you for personal information to enable bank fraud.

or they want you to mail them some cash so they can oversea your pc problems.

dont get involved-dont visit the website.

good luck...

just my opinion o course


There is another thread about this on this forum but I'm blowed if I know where.  A chap phones you, says he is from one of the Microsoft repair companies and that your computer is badly infected.  He then tries to get you to open it up so that his colleague can fiddle about with its inner workings over the net.  I found that there seemed to be a language barrier: I could not understand what he was saying and he could not understand a word of what I was saying. I'm sure we were both speaking English, which is even more puzzling.  In the end after daily phone calls for about 10 days (excepting Sundays for some reason) he appears to have got the message when I said rather forcefully "APPLE MACINTOSH!!"

This may be obvious folks but its something I did not realise until about 5 years ago.

Any question you have about anything, type this word for word into google.

its all there.

good luck surfers


He did tell me to enter the web address into google to check it out.  I guess he was trying to double bluff!

Thanks for your responses.



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