Author Topic: japanese knotweed in gobions threatens local property values  (Read 2755 times)

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(OK - I just thought that heading would make everyone read this.  Not kidding though. )

My daughter pointed out to me a small colony of japanese knotweed in the riverbed just into Gobions near Blue Bridge.  (From the footpath that leads along the river, past the now closed part of Gobions).  This is a worrying development since it is a banned plant, highly invasive and destructive.  From the DoE site:

"Legislation puts a duty of care on landowners to be proactive in the control and eradication of Japanese Knotweed. All parts of the plant and any soil contaminated with it are classified as controlled waste and are required legally to be removed and disposed of by a licensed waste control operator.

Presence of japanese knotweed on development land can also dramatically reduce its value and presence in established housing will similarly reduce the value of the propoerty.    (It crossed my mind that it may have been introduced by way of sabotage, in the face of potential development of gobions ground, but I quickly pushed that thought away).  

I spoke to the owner of the cottage that is just the other side of the river, and she confirmed that it had been there since last year and was colonising her garden.  
Given its normal modus operandi, it will only be a year or two before it starts popping up in gardens along blue bridge avenue and may generally become a nuisance across a very wide area.

Is anyone of aware of any local plans to deal with it?  Does anybody know who the riverbed belongs to?  I understand that it forms the boundary between the cottage and gobions at that point, and is not owned either by the cottage owner or by the owner of the gobions land.
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Re: japanese knotweed in gobions threatens local property values
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It's also along the track from the top of Pine Grove to the A1000 and has been for a number of years.
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