Author Topic: Herts police drink/drugs drive campaign gets underway  (Read 24051 times)

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Re: Herts police drink/drugs drive campaign gets underway
« Reply #60 on: December 03, 2014, 05:23:29 pm »
Police say there’ll be an increase in patrols looking out for drivers under the influence of drink and/or drugs over the festive period.
<a class="embedly-card" href="">Motorists warned not to drink drive during Christmas season</a>
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And Hertfordshire Constabulary has set up a number for people to report anyone suspected of driving under the influence.
<a class="embedly-card" href="">Report a Drink Driver</a>
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The force is also promoting the Crimestoppers confidential reporting line.
<a class="embedly-card" href="">Drink driving</a>
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support this wholeheartedly, however this shouldnt be limited to just a seasonal campaign, I just wish the police would get to grips with drivers speeding, texting and using hand held devices whilst driving as well, this is as much a problem if not more.

There seems to be a perception by those engaging in these illegal activities that it is no big deal, until we admonish those responsible and catergorise this in severity to drink driving then more injuries and accidents will occur, with those innocent in the head count.
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