Author Topic: Seeking relatives of S/L Edward Richard Hedgecoe  (Read 3960 times)

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Seeking relatives of S/L Edward Richard Hedgecoe
« on: January 28, 2010, 03:39:41 pm »
I am seeking relatives of Squadron Leader Edward Richard Hedgecoe who was killed 01/01/45. His grave is in the N. Mymms Churchyard. At the time of his death he was married to Sheila Sandford Hedgecoe of "Cotswold" Grt. North Road, Brookmans Park and the son of Richard Harold and Selina Hedgecoe. Sheila later married Francis H. Burrell in 1949 and may have lived in the Barnet area.
Would appreciate hearing from anyone who may know of the family or related topics.

Thanks, Colin

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Re: Seeking relatives of S/L Edward Richard Hedgecoe
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2010, 08:19:54 pm »

Can't help with relatives, but I did a little research after I came across his grave in North Mymms Churchyard during a project I'm doing (after all we don't have many people with DFC & Bar buried around here). Below is his entry in "Aces High" by Chris Shores & Clive Williams which might be of interest if you haven't come across it (looks like they had some trouble finding out much about him as well)

HEDGECOE, Edward Richard         Squadron Leader             RAF NO.86574

Nothing is known of Hedgecoe’s background and early service, but by late 1943 he was serving as a Flying Officer with 85 Squadron. On the night of 15/16 September 1943 he made his first claim, but the nose of his Mosquito shattered as he fired and he was obliged to bale out. Later he teamed up with Flying Officer N.I. Bamford DFC & Bar, a radar operator on his second tour. Together they claimed the unit’s first success with Mark X AI radar. Awarded the DFC in April 1944, at the end of his tour he was posted to FIU (Fighter Interception Unit) where he gained a further victory in September. Late in the year he rejoined 85 Squadron as a Flight Lieutenant, but was attached to the Night Fighter Development Unit for 12 days during December, when he claimed the rest of his successes. At the end of the month he was posted as a flight commander to 151 Squadron but on his first sortie with this unit on 1st January 1945, he crashed in bad weather and was killed. The award of a bar to his DFC was gazetted in March.

15/16 Sept        Junkers Ju88                         Mosquito XII                   Tenterden Area                      85 Squadron
2/3 Nov            Focke Wulf FW190                   “                                   N Gravesend                                 “
4/5 Jan              Junkers Ju88                             “                                    Off Dieppe                                   “
22/23 Feb         Messerschmitt Me410           Mosquito XVII                35m S Dungeness                        “
24/25 Mar        Junkers Ju188                           “                                    Off Hastings                                “
16/17 Sept       Unidentified                            Mosquito XIII                 Ardorf Airfield                        FIU
4/5 Dec            Junkers Ju88 Probable            Mosquito XXX               Detmold Airfield                  85 Squadron
6/7 Dec            Messerschmitt Bf110               “                                    20-30m W Munster                    “
6/7 Dec            Messerschmitt Bf110               “                                     Munster-Osnabruck                  “
12/13 Dec         2 x Messerschmitt Bf110s      “                                     20m S Hagen & Essen              “

TOTAL 8 or 9 Destroyed, 1 Probable, 1 or 2 Damaged


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Re: Seeking relatives of S/L Edward Richard Hedgecoe
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2010, 08:35:18 pm »
Thanks Martin.

No, I did not know of the reference in Aces High. Luckily, I was able to contact a relative of S/L Hedgecoe soon after I posted on this Newsletter.  I am a cousin of F/O Norman Bamford researching his RAF service. His memorial can be seen at
If you have an interest in this topic I would be pleased to correspond with you.