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Does anyone know what sort of bird this is ?

Spotted several times right outside our back door. Picture taken through a double glazed window so a little blurred  :)

That looks like a Pied Wagtail if Im not mistaken.

Bob Horrocks:
It is a Pied Wagtail.

We have had them in our garden but have not seen them recently.  So that is where they have gone!

They seem to like bowling greens and I have seen them running around on the greens at Welham Green and the George V (?) green near the QE2 hospital.

On New Years Day I encountered a group of 11 near Water End. At this time of year they congregate in communal roosts at night-time. I suspect it may be in the vicinity of the Vet College, where the livestock attract their favoured food items - small insects.

There is a large flock of redwings or fieldfares in a field on walk one in this site's collection of walks. I think they are redwing, but can't be certain. Must be two dozen.


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