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Acrobat Danger
« on: December 15, 2009, 10:40:33 pm »
There are reports of a unpatched exploit for Adobe' PDF reader, Acrobat. Malware is currently circulating in the wild and Adobe have not yet released a fix.  The bug relies on javascript within the Acrobat reader. To prevent this attack, turn javascript in Acrobat off as follows:

 1) Start up Acrobat Reader (may be called Adobe Reader)
 2) Select Edit, then Preferences
 3) Click on 'Javascript' in the left hand list of categories
 4) Untick the box 'Enable Acrobat Javascript'

I didn't know Acrobat had Javascript and I doubt many documents use it, so doing this will probably have no effect on Acrobat's usefulness.

Also never open an attachment, unless it is from a trusted source and keep Windows Update turned on and installing patches automatically.