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Bell Bar and Brookmans Park Memories
« on: December 21, 2003, 04:08:19 pm »
My name is George French and I lived at Brookmans Park, from 1946 (when I was born) until1951.
In 1938, before I was born, my family moved to Brookmans Park; they moved into a house at the top of Mymns Drive called 'The Oak'.  My father  Lewin George  French was a Master Builder and he built this house as well as the house next to it, during the 1930's.
In 1946 my family moved to  45 Bradmore Way and then in 1947 to 80 Brookmans Avenue. Both houses were  built by my father.
We remained in that house until 1951 when we went to 'The Olde Bakery' at Bell Bar and stayed there until 1958.
I would be very grateful to receive any details of other houses in the area built by my father, Lewin george  French.
I remember that he built other houses at Brookmans Park, and also at Welham Green, for the council.  There was a house called 'The Cobbles' 24 The Cuttings.
At Bell Bar 'The Olde Bakery' was originally a bakery, run  by Mr James Bolter together with his two sisters Nan and Em, who also ran the only grocery shop in the village.
During the time I lived in Bell Bar a Mr Greenleaf owned the petrol garage and there was a  coach company run by a Mr Bill Brunt.
Mr Ben King was a pig farmer down bulls lane.
At the top of Bell Lane there was a water tower attached to the A1 Dairies Farm.
Is it still there?
I intend visiting Brookmans Park and Bell Bar this Spring. I thank you in advance for any helpful information you may be able to give me. George French.
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