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European wasps
« on: July 10, 2009, 04:57:43 pm »
Wasp Warning

We have just had the wasp man round to deal with two nests in our eves. While he was drinking a cuppa he told me to be on the look out for European Wasp nests in the garden.

Apparently this species of wasps build their nests in bushes. They look like footballs (see image below). The wasp man told me that it is easy to knock the nest when you are gardening and the wasps are aggressive and will attack.

He told me a story of a local man who ended up in hospital after such an attack. The bloke thought the nest was a football stuck in his hedge and tried to move it.

The advice to gardeners is to stand still if working near bushes and trees and watch for movement. If you see wasps on a clear flight path, stay clear of the area.

He reckoned our nest had about a thousand wasps and that between 600-800 would hatch each week. We caught both in time.

But this year is said to be a bad year for wasps.


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