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Home Security
« on: April 20, 2009, 12:54:36 pm »
Hi Everyone

The weather is finally begining to change for the better, and if you are anything like me, then opening the windows to let in fresh air is a must! "Changing the air", my nan used to call it.

Sometimes it is very easy to forget windows that have been opened, and people go out and unintentionally leave the windows open. This is a dream invitation to burglars.  It is the same with doors, people leave their back doors, or side doors, open and leave the house forgetting to close them. I appreciate it is because it has been so long since we have been able to do this, and, hopefully, soon it will become a regular occurrance and closing open windows and doors will become part of the routine of leaving the house.

The same prinicpals apply to sheds.  We tend to our gardens to repair the damage caused by the winter and pre-pare the garden for the summer, (should we have one). Shed doors can be left open or just pushed shut and left unlocked. Garage doors being left wide open is becoming a regular thing also.  Some garden tools and equiptment are kept in the garage, and whilst you are working in the garden, somebody else is looking at the contents of your garage.

If you are leavng the house for any length of time, please try and give the appearance that somebody is home.  This is essential if you are going away on holiday.  Use timers on lights and appliances, get a neighbour to collect your post daily so there is not an obvious build up, ask them to open and close your curtains. I appreciate this may sound very basic and I am trying to, "teach my grandmother to suck eggs", but the number of homes that do not adhere to even the most basic precatuions is a cause for concern.

Should you be going away on holiday, then you can, if you wish, contact me via emai: louise(dot)luxford(dot)@herts(dot)pnn(dot)police(dot)uk and let me know the dates of your holiday.  This way I can pay more attention to your property and should I see anything suspicious, I am aware the property should be vacant.  I am not promising a 24/7 security service, and I cannot guarantee your property will be untouchable, but with the above advice and dropping me an email, then the chances of becomeing a victim of crime are reduced.

Having said all that, I hope we do get to enjoy some lovely warm weather and we all enjoy a safe and enjoyable summer.  :D


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