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Watson families and descendants
« on: January 25, 2009, 08:23:59 am »
I am hoping to find out something about my Watson ancestors who came from around Hatfield, Bell Bar.  Other families who could be involved would be Newman, and Longstaff.
To my knowledge my 2nd grt grandfather was called Thomas (Swain) Watson born c1798 in Hertfordshire and he married a Mary Newman at North Mimms, in c1830.  We think he died at Bell Bar around 1862 and was buried at North Mimms
The children of the marriage could be: Emma          c1831         
                                                             Ann             c1833
                                                             John            c1836
                                                             Charlotte     c1838   
                                                             Thomas       c1840
                                                             James           1844
                                                             George        c1849

James came to Australia (NSW) per the "Annie Wilson" in 1862 and married an Eliza Colyer.  There is a possibility that his brother John also came to Australia, before 1862 but we have no record.
Ann married a widower, George Longstaff and they were listed as being at Bell Bar in 1861, and 1871 on the census returns.  Her youngest brother, George, had been mentioned as being a student.
I am wondering if any information of the family/families, descendants or places they worked/lived/schools would be known?
Most likely they would have been agricultural labourers

Thankyou for the posting