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To whom it may concern,
Early in 1959, Lone Star Products Ltd., formerly of Palmers Green, London N.13 and of Birchwood, Hatfield, acquired the former J. James' Pressings factory and site, where Nash Close, Welham Green now stands.  Initially, the factory premises were known as A.G.M. Industries Ltd. but, probably during the 1970s, they were renamed 'Lone Star Products Ltd.'

I am hoping to put together the material for a book which will include a list of former employees' names and, hopefully, some mention of the post they held (or Dept.) during the period they worked for the company.  The name should consist of a forename and a surname for it to be of any practical use to me.  I already have compiled a selection of names, etc., of ex-staff based at the former Palmers Green and Hatfield factories but it is those that once worked at Holloways Lane, Welham Green, that are the focus of my current interest.   The factory was shut down due to adverse circumstances around 1984 and its staff were offered the opportunity to transfer to the Hatfield factory. The latter remained open for business, as Lone Star Toys plc. under new German ownership, until June 1988 when it, too, was forced to close down permanently.

If the former employee is now deceased perhaps a relative of theirs, former friend or colleague could please come forward with the relevant information.  The purpose of this exercise is not to pry but to compile an alphabetical list of the former employees' names and, if possible, their job title.  The year, or years, during which they worked at A.G.M. Industries, or its later incarnation, Lone Star Products, is immaterial to this exercise and will not be appearing in any list in the proposed book.

My e-mail address is - lonestar.diecast - AT -  ....and my postal address is:-
G. S. Ambridge, Lone Star Book, P.O. Box 159, POLEGATE, East Sussex, BN26 6AX

If you happen to know of anyone who worked at the factory in question and anything that you can tell me about the job they performed whilst there, I would be very grateful. I do not need to know their address either past or present.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Geoffrey S. Ambridge

Edited to amend the email address to foil spammers. You know the correct format of course  Bob H - moderator
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Friends Reunited might be a good place to look. People can record their workplaces there.

Unfortunately Friends Reunited is blocked on my employer's network so can't look for you at the moment  >:(

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you have mail  ;)