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You can now check to see at a glance whether your train is running on time using the new box on the front page of this site. WAGN has given the Brookmans Park Newsletter permission to include this information, which comes direct from the company's database, in a box on the front page [/b] of this site. For full details click here [/b]. We hope to have the train times from Finsbury Park in the near future. †Is this addition to the site of any use? †It would be good to hear your views

Itís usefulness is directly related to WAGNís ability to warn of delays sufficiently in advance, as you need to look at the site before you start out on your journey. My experience of WAGN is that they canít do this.

Good idea, and a nice bit of work. But sorry WAGN will fail you.

However if you put it on WAP... ;)

James Bentall:
The information is taken straight from the same source that the Potters Bar departure boards at the station are, so there should be reasonable notice - particularly for trains coming from London. Obviously, if you live a long way from the station it may not be too useful. However, even then if you see a lot of delays are on the current trains, it stands to reason your may well be late as well :-(

I am currently working on a wap version (so you can view it on your mobile phones for people who have no idea what we're talking about!) - watch this space. Hopefully I should have done it by the middle of next week


At the risk of sounding sycophantic ( spelling?)
What a good service, I almost wish I used the trains.
Memories of getting there 1 min late and waiting for 29 mins in the cold.

Aidan Winwood:
Hi Jet,

I too remember that feeling up until recently when I moved into the village - I can now walk straight home and switch the telly back on for another 20 minutes!



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