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The HOW family at North and South Mymms
« on: January 03, 2008, 05:59:50 pm »
Hi and Happy New Year!
I am researching the HOW family in Hertfordshire. Mine all came from Abbots Langley right back to at least the 16th century, and there are various areas named after the family; e.g. How Wood outside St Albans.
At the National Archives site (A2A) there are references to Thomas HOW of North Mymms and others at South Mymms in the time of Henry the 7th and 8th (early 1500s) as landowners and gentry.
I have part of a map dated 1594 showing field names on the north corner of the junction of Darkes Lane and Mutton Lane, which shows: "the great meadow next to Howse"; "The pasture next to Howse"; and "the garden Howse", but sadly the map ends exactly to the North of where "Howse" would be! Obviously it could just mean "the House", but if I don't ask I will never know.
"Pinchbank" (a house at Wrotham park) belonged in the 17th century to a John Howkins, the name presumably meaning "a relative of HOW"), but apart from this I can find no clue as to where the HOWs lived. Most of the family were Landed Gentry, Farmers, and Yeomen, so hopefully there are records of them somewhere, but sadly I don't get the opportunity to go to HALS.
Any help, snippetts or info would be much appreciated.

Phil How