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Short and long walks in the local countryside

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A new section of is being built containing short local walks, most featuring the area's pubs. There are four walks published to start it off and more will be added later.  Pictures will be added as well. Each walk has a list of instructions for every turn and a home-made map as well as links to professional maps which you can download and print off. All the walks are about four miles long. click here.

The Orange Llama:
A useful addition to the site - thanks.

Would it be possible to indicate which walks are suitable for Llamas - E.g. those without stiles in them? (I find it difficult to get over them  as I can't jump that high). More to the point, I guess people wish pushchairs or wheelchairs would appreciate such information to.

Sincerely Yours,


As with the majority of country walks in this area they are mainly over undulating countryside along narrow paths and often muddy bridle paths where horses have churned up the ground. All have bachelor gates and step stiles along the way. There are also areas where small footbridges over streams and brooks need to be crossed.

Two more circular local walks, complete with sketched maps, have been added to the site. All are centred round local pubs and are in the region of four miles long. This brings the total of walks to six with four more to be added over time. Local Walks

Alfred the Great:
Could I just mention that walk no.1 (North Mymms Park) covers the first part of a really great bridleway circuit of about four miles, which you can do on a mountain bike. The boy and I can be found there most weekends.......

At one point in the pine woods there is an obstacle course (not the right word I'm sure) where you can do timed circuits, etc. Sometimes you meet the local lads on their off road motor bikes, but the rest of the ride is still worth it.

And provided your offspring are old enough to ride on minor roads (Bradmore Lane?) it should be manageable by most Brookmans Park families. Some of the hills are a bit steep (but I can still beat junior.......just). There was a section near South Mymms that was an absolute morass a few years ago, but this has all been resurfaced with mineral chippings and the drains properly culverted. Something to do with sustrans or hcc, perhaps?

If the Boss would like an OS extract to convert into a PC friendly format I would be happy to send a scan.



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