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Willson ancesctors from Roestock
« on: June 04, 2006, 10:54:16 am »
Hi there
I am currently tracing my Willson ancestors.  My ggrandfather John Willson c1831 I believe came from Roestock.  He was a carpenter and emigrated to Australia.  He carried on as a carpenter in Australia.  His son owned a farm in Australia which he called - Roestock. John Willson c 1831 married Elizabeth Tully c 1838 from Stoneykirk in Scotland.  I think they married in Australia but not sure.  His father was George Willson c 1800 and mother Eliza Shepperd (or Sheppard or Shepherd) both also I believe from Roestock England.
In the Book - North Mymms people in Victorian Time by Peter Kingsford - in Chapter 4 re The Straw plaiters it mentions that two carpenters George and John Willson.....had wives who plaited.  The book also mentions Mrs Childs as a plaiter and the Childs were connected by marriage with the plaiting family of the Willsons.  One of my grandfather's sisters also had Moffat as one of her christian names which seems to be from the Roestock area.
I don't know when my ggrandfather emigrated but he did go back to England a couple of times after he had found trees suitable to build a school in Australia.  On the last trip he brought out to Australia with him Cabinetmakers by the name of Day.  I believe the Day's also came from Roestock.
Is there anyone who out there with any information that may be able to help me further.

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Re: Willson ancesctors from Roestock
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2006, 11:03:05 am »
Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for that interesting information.

If anyone can help Chris you can post to this thread and/or mail Chris directly by clicking on the email icon on the left under the name C Mossman.

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