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Garden bonfires and burning commercial trade (building) waste

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Suppose it was inevitable. †The first nice weekend, sun shining, almost warm towards the middle of the afternoon and a good time to open a few windows and let some fresh air in. †No wrong! †A good time to open the windows and let the smell of burning rubbish in. †What a pity, what a really really pitiful pity.

Yes you beat me to it!
My walk was spoilt by the smoke in Bluebridge and Peplins.
Why thes idiots choose calm weather, with forecast mist for their antics is beyond logic.
Yet I bet that none of the 100 odd householders affected had the courage to have a word with the parties concerned.
Perhaps they dont mind?

Personally I donít have a big issue with fires at this time of year. Itís the hot summer evenings,  when people have windows open and would like to enjoy a pleasant long evening in their gardens, that I find objectionable. Also you would expect the evening to be reasonably calm. Lighting a fire on a windy day would be a little foolish.

au contraire John,
A good breeze gets a good fire going, it dissapates the smell and its all over a bit faster.
Calm conditions are usually damp and encourage smouldering.
It is so much easier to take it all to the dump, one only has to clean up a worse mess after a bonfire anyway.
I work from home a lot and today there has been a constant stink in my house ( from a fire not me), I have a sore throat and I wish I could find where it was coming from.
From know all jet

Old misery guts again,
It Stunk in B.P. yesterday, a few smokey fires and a light easterly.
The wife and myself had bad eyes last night, anyone else or is it just us?
God help us this weekend!!!
I am going to lobby the council about this health issue, will anyone else do the same?


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