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Local woodland seeds

Autumn 2006

The BBC's Breathing Places project encouraged people to take part in seed hunts during October 2006. The following pictures are of seeds collected locally in Gobions Woodland and other local beauty spots. Can you help identify these seeds? The plates are numbered from 1-16 and there is a forum thread set up for people to name the seeds shown. Click here for the forum thread.

Seed 1 - Sycamore Seed 2 - Oak
Seed 3 - Lawsons cypress Seed 4 - Maple or Sycamore?
Seed 5 - Horse Chestnut Seed 6 - Magnolia
Seed 7 - Hornbeam Seed 8 - Ash
Seed 9 - Giant Hogweed Seed 10 - Dogwood
Cornus sanguinea
Seed 11 - Guelder rose
Viburnum opulus
Seed 12 - Hawthorn
Seed 13 - Blackthorn Seed 14 - Alder
Seed 15 - Blackberry Seed 16 - Wayfaring Tree
Viburnum lantana

Thanks to everyone who contributed seeds. If you think you know the name of the seeds, please post in the thread running in this site's forum. Click here for the forum thread.

October, 2006

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